Ariel Cloth Mask

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100% cotton fabric mask with filter pocket. These masks are washable. 

Adult measures approximately 9” x 5.5”  

Child measures approximately 7” x 4.5”

Each tie is 16.5” long 


***Please note***: Without proper filters, the fabric alone does NOT meet N95 Protection, nor does it guarantee a tight sealed fit that’s required for proper protection. These homemade masks should be a last resort. These are not meant to be used by caregivers taking care of suspected / confirmed COVID-19 positive patients. Also note, there are people allergic or sensitive to certain materials.

Nontraditional cloth masks, made of cotton, do not offer the same protection as medical grade, disposable procedure or surgical masks and are not to be used for direct patient care. One laboratory investigation involving different fabrics found cloth masks are between 40-90% as protective as N95 respirators. Others also found that cloth offers a level of protection that is about one half that of disposable, medical grade masks. Cloth masks do help contain coughs and sneezes.


***Disclaimer***: Use of homemade masks do not guarantee any certain level of protection or claim any certain level of protection. By using this mask, you agree not to hold author, any associated companies, referenced resources or persons creating masks liable.