About Us

Hi, my name is Rachel, I am the proud owner of Ruff House. Ruff House came to be in the winter of 2012, several months after I got our first dog, Ziggy, a Border Collie Shepard mix. All I wanted was to find Ziggy a Batman collar. After looking at several local stores and not finding anything I liked. I hopped on google and search on how to make a dog collar. 

Several months later, and after making enough collars for Ziggy to wear a different one every day of the year, my Husband Casey, thought maybe I should try and sell some. To my surprise, people actually like them and I started to sell at local craft shows. 

We have now been in business over 4 years and I'm constantly trying to branch out with new products. I've been working on perfecting my bow ties, which have been a work in progress. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit Ruff House! We appreciate you!